Sandals not included

Terms and Conditions

• What do I need to bring?

The vans are fully equipped but please refer to the inventory under each specific van. We can provide sheets pillowcases and towels but this is at extra cost. You will need to bear in mind that these vans are not “winnibagoes” and therefore space is limited so we do not advise you to bring too many bulky items. Its also worthwhile remembering that once you have stopped and put up your awning the available space doubles!

Please do not forget your driving license and passport if applicable or if you're are not leaving your car with us.

• Where are we?

Please refer to the detailed maps on our website. We are just off the main A30 near Perranporth.

• Will I find it difficult to drive a Left Hand drive vehicle?

It might take a few minutes to adapt but driving a Type 2 is a different experience anyway. There are just a few things to think about, firstly it is only the gear stick that isn’t where you might expect to find it the pedals and all other features are exactly where they should be. Overtaking is not something you will do a lot of - this is a Type 2! One word of caution if you want to look cool don’t keep climbing into the passenger seat and then complaining that your partner has taken your steering wheel.

• What sort of fuel consumption will I get?

As with all vehicles it largely depends on how you drive. However the air cooled engine is a thirsty beast by modern standards. The 1.6 engine is more economical but won’t set the world alight with its power, that said it got us round Europe a few times including over the Alps. The 2 litre engine is a different kettle of fish, more powerful but you pay for it in fuel and it runs on lead replacement fuel.

• What cooking facilities does the van have?

Last year we attended the Malvern Vanfest and what can be achieved with two rings and a gas bottle is quite remarkable. However assuming that you are an ordinary mortal, the van is equipped with a two ring cooker and small grill, which we find more than adequate especially if you supplement this with the outside gas ring and disposable BBQ which we also provide.

• Where can I camp?

Cornwall is particularly well served with campsites, we have our own favourites which we will be delighted to share with you on request. There is a great range from the all singing all dancing fully equipped to the quaint and basic with prices reflected accordingly. After your holiday we would particularly welcome hearing about any jewels you have found so that we can pass the information on, but at the end of the day, what makes a good site is very personal.

We advise using registered sites if for no other reason, so that you can use the amenities.

• Can you guarantee me wall to wall sunshine?

Emphatically NO! But there is a lot to do in Cornwall and if you wanted a parched earth you would go to the south of France, - at least the tent pegs go in easily. Cornwall is wetter than the rest of England because it sticks out into the sea, that also give us our wonderful beaches, so you see you just can’t have everything. A word of warning don’t judge our weather by the good old BBC, their idea of the South West is Bristol or at their most parochial moments, Slough. There have been many occasions when we have been basking in sunshine with a dull and overcast symbol stubbornly sitting over the South West. Cornwall is as far from London as Amsterdam!

Cornwall is also famous for its micro climates, if it’s a bit dull on the North Coast head South.

• Why do I have to get the van back early on Friday?

This is to give us adequate time to valet and service the van before the next booking, please remember that these vans are genuine old Type 2s, they have all been round the clock but are the very best that we could find for their age. Incidentally this is also the reason that we have a number of left hand drives, we only buy vehicles which are authentic and have been cared for and these can mainly be found overseas.

• What happens in the event of a breakdown?

Full AA cover. We may also have a spare van in the unlikely event that the AA cannot get you going. Please read our terms and conditions carefully.

The most likely problem will be a flat battery caused by an oversight on your part, we have put a set of jump leads in just in case and anyway, campers are real stalwarts and yours will not be the first van to be seen with an army of campers giving it a bump start.

In the event of there being another Type 2 on site make this your first port of call and chances are they will have a ready answer to your query.

Terms and Conditions